Course curriculum

  • 1

    The 3 Cs: Choices, Coping, Communication

    • Review of Craving
    • Coping Skills: How do you deal?
    • Coping Skills: When you’ve got to deal differently.
    • Activity: Watch Your Words Calendar
    • Choices: Do they matter for the long-term?
    • Communication: Building Blocks for Bonding
    • Activity: Prevention is Better Than a Cure
    • The 3 C's Quiz
  • 2

    The Plugged-In Lifestyle: What are the consequences?

    • Addiction: It’s not just for drugs and alcohol.
    • Activity: Irregular Reward Center
    • Combat the Instant Gratification Culture
    • Tech Obsession Leads to Isolation
    • Activity: Interview- What do you crave?
    • Balance is the Bottom Line
    • The Plugged-In Quiz
  • 3

    Managing Stress + Speaking Up About Depression

    • The right keys unlock the door to health.
    • Benefits and Risks: Right Keys vs. Wrong Keys
    • Activity: Create a Groove
    • Destructive Cycle: Expectations > Stress > Depression
    • Depression: Vulnerable but not Required
    • Activity: Emotional Eating Research
    • PDF- Eating Disorder Venn Diagram
    • What came first, the addiction or depression?
    • Managing Stress + Depression Quiz
  • 4

    Mind Management: Addressing the Toxic Thoughts

    • Awareness of Toxic Thoughts
    • How to Shift the Brain
    • Activity: Harmful vs. Helpful Dice Game
    • Healing the Brain: Broken Pair-Bonds
    • Exhaustion = Emotional
    • Activity: Feeling Faces
    • Mind Management + Toxic Thoughts Quiz
  • 5

    Words: The Impact of Our Voice

    • Change your brain by changing your words.
    • New Wallpaper: Tools to tear down and put up.
    • Activity: Become a Gold Digger
    • PDF - Activity: Negative vs. Positive Word Match up
    • Suicidal Thoughts: A Negativity Avalanche
    • Final Project
    • Sources for Further Research
    • Words Quiz